New York Considering State Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants

New York undocumented immigrants

On Monday, state Senator Gustavo Rivera introduced a bill that aims at giving almost the same benefits to illegal and non-citizen immigrants residing in the State of New York as the ones enjoyed by U.S. citizens.  If passed, this bill will allow undocumented and non-citizen New Yorkers to obtain state driver and professional licenses, participate in state and municipal elections, and apply for medical insurance and tuition assistance programs.

Almost three million undocumented immigrants live in New York today.  Although the bill will not grant them the right to travel or open the door for them to a Green Card, the bill’s proposed benefits would make their lives much easier.

According to the bill, the benefits would not extend to every undocumented or non-citizen immigrant, but rather to those who have resided in NY state for at least the last three years and paid taxes during this period.

Source: Reuters

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